For patients

Patient participation

Patients are involved with the BeNeBio study from the start. Collaborating with patients in clinical research is important in order to achieve good quality of the research with patients. Our patient partners are recruited from their patients associations. They are involved with the study design, patient study information, and participate in meetings.

How can I participate?

Patients can participate in this study if they are treated in a participating site and if they meet criteria for participation.

How will my data be used and protected?

Participating patients need to sign a consent form. By signing this form, patients agree with collection and storage of their medical and personal information, in agree with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The data or results of the study will be stored pseudonymised in a web-based database: CASTOR. This system complies with safety rules for storage of research data. You can find more information on the website of CASTOR.

What happens after the study?

If dose reduction is proven to be successful, we will try to incorporate dose reduction in daily practice. In case dose reduction is unsuccessful, patients will be advised to use the normal dose.

How can I stay informed?

Through this website we will share new developments. For an overview of the scientific publications and presentations, click here. The data of the included patients will be published in scientific journals and will be shared with patients associations in the Netherlands and Belgium (Psoriasis Patiënten Nederland, Psoriasis Liga Vlaanderen, GIPSO Asbl).

Other questions?

Are u a participating patient? Please ask your questions to your treating physician or researcher in your clinic.

In case of questions for the studyteam, you may contact us.